Trinity Strength Block

by Scott Farr

(435) 764-1164

Highland Games training made from 2015 Lightweight World Champion Scott Farr. Online lectures available for purchase and online training.


Scott Farr is a Physical Trainer, a world class lifetime drug free athlete and owner and operator of Trinity Strength Training. He has competed in the Highland Games since he was 15 years old, boasting 8 years of experience in the sport. He has been ranked top 3 in the world in the Lightweight Class of the Highland Games from the time he was 17 years old in 2011 until his final year as a lightweight at 22 years old in 2015, when he became the Light Weight World Champion. Over the course of his Lightweight career, the only world records he did not hold at one point or another were the Hammers, and Sheaf toss, but even in those events he came incredibly close. He is now pursuing a career in the Heavy Weight Class. As well as being an athlete, he is also a very dedicated trainer. Having a passion for fitness has driven Scott to expand his knowledge of training methods, and develop a skill set that sets him apart as a trainer. Scott specializes in athletic training, functional fitness and weight loss.